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On our new site, you can find examples of our graphic design, our print design, video creation, animations and our website design.

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100% Dedicated to YOU!

Our sole goal is to give you the assets and resources you need to compete in the modern, technologically advanced marketplace.  We are here to be your partners.  One of our biggest efforts, day to day, is to keep our costs low and your affordability high so that, together, we both can succeed in a challenging marketplace

High Quality not High Prices

Just because you are in a smaller market, doesn’t mean you can’t have MAJOR market level design, products and marketing.  Let us help point you in the most effective direction that will make you look as professional, and be as successful, as your business can be

Extensive Resources

We can handle most of your needs In-House.  But should the need arise, we have a network of professional, skilled and talented free-lancers who can help us make your requests a reality, all while keeping your overall costs down!

We are Different

There are a lot of firms out there offering parts of what we do.  But we believe the magic of I.D. is in bringing the concept of Overall Project Management and centralized planning to your marketing, graphics, design, web and promotional needs.  One Name, One Number, One Call and you can concentrate on doing what you do best and that is concentrating on making your business as successful as it can be!

Websites, Apps and Social Media

In the last five years, the business environment has changed.  We have moved from newspaper, the yellow pages and radio to the internet, Google and Pandora…while adding social media on top of that.  Let us navigate this environment for you with a focused, consistent and leveraged message to increase your sales, get your brand out there and set your business up to be seen the way it needs to be so that nobody ever again has to ask…WHO ARE YOU!

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Who Are You?

A lot of people are curious about our name and our tag line.  I.D. was chosen as our name as it is just as important for your business to have an identity as it is for you to carry your ID.  If people don’t know who you are, can’t find where you are or know what you are about, then they can NEVER be a client or a customer or even give you a chance.  You need, more than ever, to find new and inventive ways to get your message across.  But in this new market of technology and networks and smart phones and tablets, it is easy to get lost.  We started I.D. with one goal in mind.  That goal is to let you be good at what you do and we’ll handle the rest.  And anything we can’t handle, we already have someone who has proven to us they can.  So you go ahead and be the best at what you do, and we’ll make sure nobody ever asks you…WHO ARE YOU?

Show Me The Goods

We do great work – Here’s a bit of the most recent

Don’t just take our word for it

"Once again you have outdone yourself. You’ve made a tax subject look fun! "

− Daphne Ewing, Isabel's House

"ID has done some very creative and fun projects for promoting our concerts. Their work is professional, prompt. "

− Deb Hansen, Black Oak Amphitheater

"Inovative! Creative! not your average ho hum. Marketing Graphics for the forward thinker! "

− Hugh Munro, Peterson Sales Company